Unchartered Territory

Life on the road can be simple although creature comforts of the real world are often left behind in favour of travelling lighter as you venture into the wild. This is part of the adventure we love. You can't go wrong with a flask of coffee & a good variety of wetsuits. So the goal for this adventure? To find a spot to wake up to with an abandoned break on our doorstep.

The sky was grey and the air was crisp, we decided to point the truck south (from our HQ in Auckland); we headed out into the unknown hoping for the best. Ah well, at least we were dressed warm and well packed with a good variety of suits.

The surf outlook this particular week was looking unreal, so we decided to head right to the edge of the coast for a completely different type of adventure. Maps were searched, but we soon realised we’d have to make it all up as we went.

We had one spot in mind. On arrival, we were greeted by the usual sketchy dirt road & surrounded by thick native bush. We proceeded on foot to see what we could find.

As we emerged from the bush, we couldn’t believe our eyes. An endless empty break and the purest blue water. You see, while this stretch of deserted beach we were sitting on was amazing, we had other ideas on where to head to next. As we often say, the adventure is simply never-ending.