Liv Haysom Pro Surfer

Toastlines with Liv Haysom @livhaysom





Local Surf Spot

Piha Beach


Music you’d be playing on a road trip?

I love Nz and Australian surf rock and indie bands like Skeggs, The Butlers, Great Gable, Hockey Dad, Ruby Fields and Spacey Jane and honestly anything that I can sing along to haha.


Coolest city you’ve visited?

Arugum bay in Sri Lanka, it had the coolest vibe and I can't wait to go back one day. 


Artists whose work you really like

My boyfriend is the most amazing artist! Most of the art of my surfboards is thanks to him! Check out his insta @artwerkbyjarvis ;)

Also Jack Irvine and the Acid Mince boy from Raglan!


Outside of surfing what other hobbies / sports do you partake in? 

I love maths! Does that count as a hobby? hahah, also cooking!


What’s your signature meal that you serve up..?

Ooohhh, I love cooking but I don't know if I have a signature dish... my sticky date pudding is pretty next level though. 


Your favourite drink in the whole wide world?

Coffee, can't beat it.


What does your Coastline mean to you?

West is best!! There is so much beauty and power along the West Coast of New Zealand. I have learnt many lessons and had some amazing experiences on this stretch of coastline. 


Your go-to wetsuit from the Coastlines range? 

The Premium Womens 2/2 Springsuit... it's been my go to all summer!