We are all about taking on more adventures. This is our advice on how to extend the life of your suit - to ensure it goes the distance. We've kept it simple to make it routine.

Avoid marinating your wetsuit
Once you're back on land, rinse your wetsuit inside and out with fresh water. Fill your wettie bucket up, get your hands in there and give it a good wash. Be sure to turn it inside out and have another go.

Get Shady
Direct sunlight is not neoprene’s friend, be sure to always dry your wettie in the shade. Hang your wetsuit in half through a hanger and not from the neck, this will stop the neck & shoulders from stretching while it's drying. Be sure to turn it inside out and give the other side a chance to dry too. This step is just as important as rinsing. You want a dry wetsuit on both sides and not a half-dry soggy suit.

Once in awhile give your wetsuit a good dose of TLC, by treating it to a thorough wash with some wetsuit shampoo. This will help get out the last of the stubborn saltwater. Your suit will thank you for it.



How do I get my wetsuit repaired?

Please email online@coastlinesinternational.com for any repairs.

How long will the repair take?

On average we recommend allowing 7 working days, plus shipping. Although due to seasonal demand, some repairs may take a few extra days. 

Do I have to pay for shipping on my repair?

If your wetsuit is still under warranty we will cover all shipping, otherwise, the return shipping will be at your expense. 


Is my payment secure? 

Our payment process is secured by paymark payments. No card information is kept by us.

Why does is my bank statement show multiple transactions for the same order? 

When you place an order, you may see a pre-authorization on your account. This hold allows us to verify that funds are available and enables us to process your order. When your items ship, a final charge is processed for the item(s). In some circumstances, your bank will show this final charge separately from the pre-authorization, making it appear like a duplicate charge. However, the pre-authorization hold will drop from your account within 3–5 business days, depending on the policies of your bank, and your account will reflect only the final charge.

Can I use a credit card for payments? 

Yes. Just fill in your customer and shipping information and you will be prompted for your credit card details.


How do I care for my wetsuit? 

To extend the life of your suit, be sure to rinse it in fresh, cold water after each surf and let it drip dry in the shade. 


Why is my size not available? 

Some sizes may be sold out, or may not be offered. Please email online@coastlinesinternational.com if we don't have what you are after.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Please allow 1-3 business days for North Island New Zealand and 3-5 business days for South Island New Zealand.

What are your shipping rates? 

We have a flat rate for all of our suits


At Coastlines our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your wetsuit. If an item you have received is not sized as you had hoped, please let us know straight away by calling us on (09) 3600094 or emailing: online@coastlinesinternational.com . Please include as much detail as possible about your problem(s) with the wetsuit, this way we can find the best solution for you. If it is considered unacceptable, you may be entitled to repair or replacement of the item. Please note all sale items are excluded from our Faulty Items policy.


Our product must be returned in original condition, tags and prices still attached with a copy of your original receipt. Please note that we cannot refund the original shipping charges.

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